It’s a very good substitute to the neon backlight. Technically and aestetically innovative, it’s a solution in both functional and scenic contexts.
Exploiting the “edge lighting” Pàneo appears as a rigid panel starting from a thick of 8 mm to customizable dimension.
The harmonized light on the surface is obtained through a low use of leds for optimal power consumption and low cost of maintenance. Pàneo is configurable according to the designer request who will find in this product the solution of the most common problems regarding the backlighting and the materials and envriroments lighting.



Without opal frontal cover it backlights perfectly translucent materials.
Thin lighting panels perfect to backlight materials, thickness 10mm


It is a lighting and backlight system, with opal front cover. It is borderless. It is part of installations where the front opal is exposed and the low thicknesses are binding.