Vèrio, smart glass with LCD film, costs and benefits.

When we talk about LCD glass in common language we identify two different types of product, a laminated glass with LCD film on one side and a single LCD film that to be applied directly to the glass, on the other side. For both products the basis of operation is the alignment of liquid crystals under electric voltage; what then is the difference between them?

Use, features, advantages and costs.

Actually the only essential advantage of adhesive LCD film is represented by the low price if compared to that of laminated glass,
but this then involves a series of disadvantages that make its use limiting and counterproductive if you are looking for a safe product that gives added value.
For example, in a warm environment, in case of direct contact with water or where the need to sanitize a surface is essential, the only usable LCD technology product is Vério electrochromic glass; in fact it is certified by international standards for waterproofing and heat resistance
and it cannot be damaged, being glass on both sides, by direct contact with common or professional sanitizers, improving in this way safety of the environments where it is used.

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The smart glass cannot be damaged once removed as it is in effect a glass; on the other hand the LCD film, once removed, ruins the surface on which it was glued, and the glass requires either maintenance or replacement.

Vèrio also has a duration in terms of hours of use greater than about 30%, contributes to acoustic comfort by reducing noise by 38 decibels and has high impact resistance, it is in fact cataloged in class 1B1.
Considering all its technical aspects, not forgetting the 5-year warranty, the design of its components and the turnkey service, Vério is therefore more advantageous in terms of costs if compared to the use of adhesive LCD film.

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