Pàneo exploits the “Edge Light” technology and looks like a LED panel with customizable dimensions. Suitable for ceiling lighting to wall lighting and back lighting.

4 models available: Panèo Basic + Cover the thinnest for backlighting, Panèo Full Light without frame, Panèo Frame, with frame, Panèo Lightbox for visuals and advertising.

The Flexlite Light Panel is a highly versatile customizable product. Thanks to its aluminum composition and opal or canopy cover, it is a light product, easy to install and suitable for any application.

4 models available: LP Basic for backlights, LP Frame with frame, LP Hybrid, without frame, LP Diffuser for lighting, visuals and advertising.

Panèo Basic + Cover​

Custom Edge Light LED Panel the thinnest

Panèo Full Light​

Custom Edge Light LED Panel frameless

Panèo Frame

Custom Edge Light LED Panel with aluminium frame

Panèo Lightbox

Custom Edge Light LED Panel lighbox for visuals

Light Panel Basic​

Custom Backlit LED Panel for backlighting

Light Panel Hybrid​

Custom Backlit LED Panel frameless

Light Panel Frame​

Custom Backlit LED Panel with aluminum frame

Light Panel Diffuser​

Custom Backlit LED Panel for lighting and visuals
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