Indoor LED lighting

The use of Flexlite’s Panèo LED light panel as a functional decorative multiple for the ceiling lighting of a London fashion store.

Interior design has a long tradition of using multiple as a furnishing element, one of the easiest and most common examples to think about are floors, but the decoration of walls and ceilings has always been no less.

In a contemporary and technical key, indoor LED lighting also contributed a lot to this development and FLEXLITE with its custom-made backlit panels contributed to the creation of a very clear example in this sense.

In London in 2016 a TM store was inaugurated in which the overturning of the decorative element based on the multiple from the floor was transferred to the ceiling and made a functional lighting element through the use of a series of Panèo Full Light, the luminous panel customizable LED lamp produced by FLEXLITE, made to measure and based on the customer’s design specifications for lighting where the design meets the needs of naturally diffused and aesthetically iconic light.

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