Constant check of the clients’ and suppliers’ needs

Flexlite offers its own light panels with a turnkey formula; we follow the entire process of implementation of the product: consultancy, production and installation with a single and reliable partner. Our technicians are able to formulate an indicative evaluation of the project, can do an inspection in order to define the best technical solution and related final times and costs


Technical reports, production of mockup samples, technical data sheets dedicated to the project

Flexlite technical department, in synergy with design studios, develops detailed lighting proposals creating technical sheets complete with notes and settings, installation sheets and everything necessary to make the project clearer and more intuitive and to fully satisfy the client’s and installers needs. If require, we can manufacture a sample of the proposed product for customer’s evaluation.


Production, verification and shipment of the customized lighting solution

We manufacture the parts and prepare in a proper package for the shipment. We deliver and assemble the solution, supplying it to the customer ready for use. We test the good functioning of the product, verifying that everything has been done in a workmanlike manner. The production of the led panel, both Paneo and Light Panel, takes place in the company; after being individually tested and checked, it is prepared for shipment and marked; The customer thus has the finished product available, guaranteed and functional, ready for use.


At the service of professionals

Flexlite technical department, in synergy with the design studios, is able to provide a lighting device paying attention to details, attaching technical and installation sheets where necessary, observing the Flexlite takes care of each customer; we are present in the inspection phase, preparatory both to the drafting of a reliable cost estimation and for the production of the proper LED light panel. We assist during the assembly on site, in order to guarantee the correct installation and reliability of supplied LED lighting.
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