Vèrio - Smart Glass

Vèrio is LCD glass designed to transform a matt surface into completely transparent glass: it adds dynamism to settings, making them more open or private at the click of a button.

At the service of professionals

Architects / Planners
Interior designer / Light designer

From the inspection
to the finished product

From the first contact and virtual inspection to testing and quality control


From the project to the finished product through a single interlocutor

Support and assistance

A team of technicians available for every solution

All inclusive formula

Flexlite offers Vèrio with a all inclusive formula with wall frame in collaboration with the best brands. prova

1 Initial contact

We collect the request and interpret the customer’s requirements.

2 Feasibility and cost analysis

We produce an approximate evaluation of the project.

3 On-site inspection and survey

Our technicians collect all useful information on site.

4 Plant engineering, structural support

We provide a report on plant and facility characteristics, possibly suggesting other solutions.

5 Quote definition

We propose a specific job, explaining the time frames and costs.

6 Possible prototyping

If necessary, we produce a sample of the supply to allow the customer to make a more informed decision.

7 Parts’ production

We produce the parts required for the job and prepare them for shipment.

8 Transport and assembly

We transport and assemble the glazed solution, delivering it
to the customer ready for use.

9 Quality control and testing

We test the operation of the product,
making sure everything has been carried out professionally.


The Flexlite technical office is at your disposal to evaluate each project from the inspection to the lighting calculation, installation, testing and quality control.

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    Manufacturers since 2008 of the first authentic laminated glass with LCD film

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    Privacy or transparency?

    The opening and brightness of a space is synonymous with pleasure and quality of life. But sometimes privacy may be required for a meeting or more private affairs. Vèrio allows you to turn a clear glazed surface into a matt one with a single click, instantly adapting a setting as needed.

    White or gray.

    Vèrio exists in two colour variants: white and grey. The dual colouring is particularly useful for original architectural solutions, both in residential and contract settings, but also in display environments or to identify specific spaces.

    Make the most out of the sun.

    Vèrio protects against UV rays: this means first of all eliminating the harmful effects of solar radiation. What’s more, controlling solar radiation, by changing the transparency of the glass, allows substantial thermal advantages, exploiting the heat of the sun in winter, and limiting it in summer. The result is a better quality of the workplace and living environment.

    No more bacteria.

    Vèrio is, in fact, glass. And as such, it can be cleaned easily and in-depth. In environments where hygiene is fundamental, such as hospitals and healthcare facilities, Vèrio is designed to screen your view without having to use curtains or other difficult-to-clean elements.

    Class 1B1 laminated glass.

    We have been producing and installing laminated glass for 12 years. The experience we have acquired results in the hard-wearing resistance of our installations, both in terms of the glass and the structure.

    Light under control.
    As well as sound.

    Vèrio is laminated glass offering outstanding acoustic performance levels. This means that the room can be insulated from external noise, through the use of our product, resulting in enhanced environmental comfort.

    The shape of your project.

    Vèrio can be shaped just like normal glass. This means that the use of this particular product is not limited to square, rectangular or round shapes, but it is possible in all contexts in which a customised shape is required: from a shaped window to the porthole of a yacht.

    Glass that can be used for the movies.

    One of the features of Vèrio is that it can be used as a video projection screen. The glazed surface can be used to play back images through rear projection, a particularly interesting characteristic for scenery and stage set-ups.


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