Vèrio privacy

Confidentiality or transparency?

The openness and brightness of a space are synonymous with pleasure and quality of life. But sometimes confidentiality may be needed for a meeting or for a more intimate moment. Vèrio allows you to make a glazed surface opaque with just one click, instantly adapting an environment as needed.

Vèrio, LCD glass for your privacy


The feeling of well-being, the moment of relaxation, the privacy in a room where we stay represent a good part of the success of a holiday and thanks to the Vério technological glass, which darkens, protects and shelters from the eyes, the decision is the customer, for a true tailor-made service. The bathroom or shower wall, the balcony or the dividers of the common areas become dynamic glass, creators of exclusive sensations.
Benefits: design on request with a high visual impact, temperature regulation, guest safety, privacy and well-being in the rooms and common areas.
Applications: Rooms, windows, halls, wellness centers, swimming pools, gyms, sky bars


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