Vèrio solar

Make the most out of the sun.

Vèrio protects against UV rays: this means first of all eliminating the harmful effects of solar radiation. What’s more, controlling solar radiation, by changing the transparency of the glass, allows substantial thermal advantages, exploiting the heat of the sun in winter, and limiting it in summer. The result is a better quality of the workplace and living environment.

Vèrio, LCD glass, thermal protection and advantages


The Vèrio LCD technology blackout glass contributes to enhancing the well-being of the environment thanks to its specifications, in fact its ability to filter light in a regulated and controllable way leads to a lower cost for the conditioning of the rooms in the summer or to a more effective irradiation in the winter months; its glass surface is also easily sanitized and by reducing the light without the use of curtains it is particularly suitable in healthcare facilities.


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