Vèrio is certified and guaranteed for 5 years

The value of Vèrio is not due to its high quality standards only, but also the values of a company that, through the experience acquired since 2008, with many projects carried out and prestigious collaborations, follows the customer from the project to after-sales and the product from construction to assembly.

Vério is a product of Flexlite since 2008 and is a made in Italy liquid crystal laminated glass; when a slight electric voltage passes, the liquid crystals dispersed between the two layers of glass align themselves making the surface transparent. This technology is called PLDC (Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal) and is based on the principle of the polarization of liquid crystals dispersed in a polymer that change their position depending on whether or not a current is applied, with no electricity the position will be random and will make the glass an opaque surface, with electricity the glass will become transparent again.

Possible configurations of Vèrio

Vèrio laminated glass with frame and Vèrio double glazing with window frame

Vèrio Design Controller

Vèrio is not only a darkening glass whose advantages exceed those of normal glass or of an adhesive lcd film and not only the product of a company that takes care of the whole process supplying the turnkey product to the customer, but it is also a step in technology applied to contemporary design. In fact, Vério can be controlled remotely either using the dedicated Design Controller or with your mobile phone through the most popular home automation apps or by asking your virtual assistant.
verio radiocontrollo

Operative ranges

Operating voltage: 60/80 V AC (50Hz sine wave)

Power consumption: 3-5 W/m2

Response time: <100 msec

Working temperature range: Da -20°C a + 60°C

Electro-optical properties (20°C), avg.

OFF status, matt

Total transmission: 55% (+/- 5%)

Direct transm. (1st collecting angle): < 1%

Opacity level: > 98%

ON status, transparent

Total transmission: 75%

Haze: 5%

Direct transmission (1st collecting angle): 13%

Opacity level: > 97%


High temperature resistance test

Impact test UNI EN 12600:2004, 1B1 assigned class

Humidity resistance test

Construction parameters

Minimum dimensions: 100×100 mm

Maximum dimensions: 1600×3000 mm

Standard thicknesses: 10 mm (4+4.4), 12 mm (5+5.4), 14 mm (6+6.4), Other thicknesses available on demand

Glazing type: Float, toughened, extra clear, coloured – Other types available on demand

Door type: Hole, notches, toughened and HST

Glass shapes: Ortogonale, ortogonale con fori, circolare, sagomato su disegno


ON/OFF cycles: 3.000.000 cycles (4s ON – 4s OFF)

ON Status: > 100.000 hours

Protection rank: IP 64

Warranty of electronic parts: 2 years

Warranty of Vèrio: 5 years

Vèrio is a certified product

UL certification

Cod. E520464

Certification CE
Impact test

UNI EN 12600:2004 assigned class 1B1

Resistance test to high temperature and humidity

Norm UNI EN ISO 12543-4:2011

Isolamento acustico

Norm UNI EN ISO 10140-2:2010 e UNI EN ISO 717-1:2013

RW 38dB
IP64 waterproof

Flexlite makes use of reliable partners

Flexlite makes use of reliable partners

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