Vèrio LCD film since 2008 creates a "smart" glass

Change the transparency of an existing glass with a simple button with Vério Film is possible simply applying an adhesive LCD film. Vèrio is the electric darkening film that since 2008 has brought electrochromic technology to Italy, making glass "intelligent".


Vèrio is the perfect blackout electric LCD film for privacy

Vèrio liquid crystal films make the glass capable of varying the state of transparency as desired, giving the customer a glass that can be darkened depending on when privacy is required.


vèrio radiocomando pellicola LCD

Vèrio can improve glasses with an adhesive liquid crystal film

Vèrio Film is an adhesive film to be applied directly to an existing glass, without having to replace it and which improves its characteristics in any moment the customer decides to get this improvement.


Vèrio is a switch film with the "plus" of customer service

Vèrio is the blackout film that thanks to Flexlite can be supplied with a complete service from design to assembly, for full satisfaction of the customer thus relieved of any worries.


verio consulenza e produzione


For a well-known company from Verona we have separated the office area from the production area through the use of Vèrio LCD film; the result is that the two environments are visually communicating but in the various meeting rooms islands of privacy can be temporarily created for business meetings or operational meetings.

The needs for variation in use of each environment have thus found an adaptable response to the occasion thanks to the application of an LCD film switch.

Being able to take advantage of separable spaces for meetings but without separating too much the environments that for the operational functions of a company must remain communicating is an increasingly common need, within the Venetian headquarters of the national telephone operator Vèrio Electric blackout film is was used to create two different environments but in the same department, thus allowing the executive part to have a separable area for meetings but inside the room.

The possibility of excluding a space from view is the main feature of the Vèrio lcd film and is well suited to increasing the well-being and exclusivity of a hotel room.

The Mood 44 hotel used Vèrio to give its customers the opportunity to darken the glass that separates the bedroom from the bathroom, allowing the natural light of the window, the co, frot of light, to filter through, therefore with the tranquility of privacy.

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