Vèrio antibacterial

No more bacteria

Vèrio is, precisely, a glass. And as such it can be cleaned easily and thoroughly.
In environments where hygiene is essential, such as hospitals and healthcare facilities, Vèrio allows you to screen your view without the use of curtains or other difficult-to-clean items.

Vèrio, LCD glass, hygiene and privacy


The waiting room, the operating room, the hospital rooms, the outpatient clinic, as well as the windows and windows are certainly the main applications of glass with Vério LCD technology related to hospital / healthcare environments. Security, confidentiality, hygiene and personal well-being are thus extended by the use of intelligent glass.


Making a wellness treatment special is also making it a private and exclusive moment in an intimate and refined environment and with Vèrio, the intelligent and darkening glass with LCD technology, these requirements are easily reachable, by installing it as a door, shower glass, in the relaxation room or semi -dividing wall for a massage corner.

Benefits: patient monitoring, confidentiality in multi-patient rooms, more precise natural light regulation, curtain elimination, easy sanitation, noise reduction for increased rest

Applications: hospital rooms, operating rooms, windows, waiting rooms, bathrooms, elevators.


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