Vèrio yacht

The shape of your project.

Vèrio can be shaped just like normal glass. This means that the use of this particular product is not limited to square, rectangular or circular shapes, but is possible in all contexts where a custom shape is required: from the shaped window to the porthole of a yacht.

Vèrio, customizable LCD smartglass

From the yacht to the train, from the taxi to the private car, being able to hide a space, make it invisible, or simply shield yourself from direct light greatly increases the well-being of the journey and with the Vério LCD glass this is possible.
The bathroom of a tailor-made yacht, the darkened window of the train or the car are some of the possible applications of Vério to the transport sector which also guarantees extreme ease of sanitation.

Benefits: confidentiality, personalization, hygiene, protection and variability of spaces.

Applications: Windows, doors, waiting rooms, partition walls or doors, ticket offices


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