The yachts often introduce solutions more cutting-edge technologies and interior design, and Vèrio Yacht fits perfectly inside the concept that the most innovative marine industry are able to offer. The glass is perhaps the material that best fits with water, as it is water itself, but up to a dozen years ago it was almost unthinkable to its use in this sector. Today, however, this material is gaining ground in yacht design thanks to the advent of new technologies that ensure safety at sea. Inside small or large vessels, therefore, Vèrio Yacht is easily applied and perfectly adaptable even with te most typical material as wood. Is able to enhance the panoramic views and also, if necessary, to control the amount of light and heat in input to improve the comfort of sailors. The cabins can finally be illuminated naturally and no more only using artificial light, and that is how to create the perfect connection between the interior and the sea horizon. Also more decorative elements such as stairs and walls partitions between rooms, can continue the issue of transparency, for a project interior fully coordinated.