Jacqueline 2.0 Collection

by Flexlite

Jacqueline has been designed starting from a circular module which is the core of the collection. Developed by our team beginning from a simple concept, Jacqueline allows designers and architects to play with colours, shapes and materials, to create excellent luminous devices 100% made in Italy.

Jacqueline Pendant


Jacqueline Pendant is a suspended lamp composed of a modular PMMA disk available in different colors. Ideal to illuminate with elegance any surface. The installation of this collection can be individual or multiple allowing the creation of different suspended compositions in various height, color and size

Dimensions and colours

∅100 x h220 mm


Jacqueline Bowl


Jacqueline Bowl features a crystal glass sphere of
the noble Venetian artisan art. It enchants with its
elegant and romantic personality. A luminous body
is suspended in the air, with a greater charm if
arranged in beautiful clusters.

Dimensions and colours

∅250 x h330 mm
∅300 x h380 mm


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