FLEXLITE growth underlined by the new image

Consistent with its drive for creativity and constant improvement, Flexlite launches the new corporate image, the result of a precise philosophy that perfectly fits the corporate spirit. The search for artisan perfection in tailor-made LED lighting solutions designed together with the customer is the fulcrum on which the work of FLEXLITE has always revolved, starting from this consideration the push towards the definition of the business model of integrated services was the natural passage . FLEXLITE can provide over ten years of expertise in the production, customization and marketing of LED light panels, from the most varied applications and with its technical service it always stands by the customer’s side and accompanies him from the idea to the realization. These features are now conveyed by the renewed image in which the shapes, images and colors are a direct reference to the FLEXLITE, Panèo and Light Panel products, the LED lighting solutions proposed by the company.
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