Panèo® bespoke Edge Light LED panel

Among the FLEXLITE proposals for LED lighting, Panèo has a prominent place, the LED light panel which, thanks to its characteristics, has already been adopted for LED lighting on the ceiling or for the wall, both for the lighting and backlighting.

The technological content of Panèo is the use of LEDs on the edge of an acrylic panel that is suitably worked with micro-perforations whose function is to diffuse the light emitted, a technology called Edge Light.

Due to the use of the acrylic panel and the use of LED strips, the shapes and sizes in which Panèo can be produced vary, making it a highly appreciated creative tool for interior lighting.

It can be positioned both on the wall and on the ceiling, it illuminates evenly the spaces, both in the living area and in the sleeping area; suitably coated with a colored opal cover it then acquires the ability to color the environment and covered with a printed cover it becomes a perfect lightbox for visual merchandising.

Paneò is therefore the decorative multifunctional LED panel for interiors ideal for contemporary creative and communicative expression.

Panèo Basic sottile
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